I got drawn towards essences after repeatedly getting messages from the universe to work with flowers.  Seriously, they were popping up everywhere! I have been working with them for over a year now and take them during the Diploma I’m currently doing.  The last 12 months have been life changing and I’m in a far different place now, some of the changes have been quite subtle and others have been swift and hard.  But through it all, the essences have supported me and have helped me to have courage to make necessary changes and I’m getting to exactly where I want to be.

What really did it for me was when I made my first essence from flower to tincture, I have really enjoyed working with other Practitioner’s ranges and will continue to do so, but there is nothing like making your own and getting that connection with the flower. Listening to the message and what the healing properties are, it’s a fantastic experience and I realised at that point that I can have my own range – lots of ideas popping around my head about this at the moment.  The flowers will guide me with this though and what will be, will be. Watch out for the Star Child (not just for kids) and Twilight essences, they are currently in the making.

It’s all about healing and loving ourselves, others, the planet…..all this stuff matters. We need and deserve to be happy and our planet needs and deserves to be happy too. It’s that simple J