Sisterhood & The Divine Feminine

by Aurora Shine | Esta Robertson | Nov 12, 2018

The art and magic of Sisterhood and the Divine Feminine, this is a subject very close to my heart and one I’ve been wanting to write about for a while.

I’m very lucky to be part of a strong sisterhood of women. These women are from different friendship groups, from courses I’ve done, fabulous teachers and from shamanic drum meets and other such activities. Some I have never met face to face and connect with on social media, but there is a close bond and supportiveness between us all, we all want each other to do well, to live out our dreams and be the best version of ourselves. We lift each other when times are difficult and the path is a struggle.  We help each other to shine.

What gets to me is what I see going on outside of these loving, nurturing circles.  I refer to what I see in the media, in certain magazines and some of the reality shows on TV.  I don’t deny that I watch a couple of them – it’s one of my guilty pleasures, but seeing women being so competitive with each other, striving for constant perfection with their looks and bodies and happily stabbing their fellow females in the back is quite alarming, with some shows certainly being worse than others.

We come from a long line of ancestors where women once were revered and honoured, to then being downtrodden, treated as second class citizens and at one time burned or drowned for having knowledge of herbal remedies, healing, midwifery and other such subjects – thank goodness those times have passed or I’d be in hiding right now!!  Luckily many things have changed since those days and I see more empowered and successful women than ever, healers are no longer afraid to say who they are and what they do (this includes me), women refusing to stand for the nonsense and sexism thrown at them in certain male dominated work environments, sisters basically doing it for themselves and getting out there into the world and into positions of empowerment – whether that be in the corporate world or on a self-employment basis.  I’m especially proud of one of my friends who had enough of the place she worked at for varying factors, and decided to take the plunge and leave that company. She is now in the process of setting up her own business and is working super hard on building a lifestyle that will suit her and her child. This is also what I am doing, so we give each other lots of encouragement and support.  But it does seem to have been drilled into us all that less than perfect is not enough and that continual competing with other women is normal. This causes many women to feel that they are not good enough and brings about all sorts of insecurities that can lead to them acting in ways that are not healthy or for their highest good. I used to think and feel that I wasn’t good enough, not anymore!!

So we have different body shapes, various hairstyles and colours, our faces all tell a different story and we are actually perfect just as we are, so why should anyone be thought of as less than perfect because they don’t fit a certain mould. I saw something today about how many women are body shamed after giving birth!! Seriously??  You’ve just carried and produced (after generally a painful labour), a little being and you’re getting grief for not being back into shape immediately! We see it in the media, celeb Mum’s being super skinny after a matter of weeks, but it’s not a reality for the majority and there shouldn’t be that kind of comparison. I was lucky in that I did go back into shape very quickly, but my stomach has never been the same again and I’m prone to weight gain around my middle.  I love doing yoga and some higher impact training, but I want to do what I enjoy rather than killing myself to achieve perfect abs.   Getting older also seems to be an issue and something so many are terrified of, yet it’s a privilege denied to many.  The constant need to look younger is also worrying, yes our faces in our 20’s and 30’s look far more peachy smooth than they do in our 40’s, but the lines on our faces are part of the person we have grown into over the years and it’s time to stop worrying so much about getting older.  Inner beauty and confidence are what makes us who we are, and what’s on the inside is really and truly much more important.  I’m not shaming anyone for wanting to look good, as we all want to look the best that we can, but it’s not a competition and comparisons to others never lead to happiness.

I’ve just finished reading a fantastically empowering book called Witch, by Lisa Lister and she is what has prompted me to write this blog.  Her unapologetic and kick ass attitude to getting women joining together and being unashamedly their true and amazing selves has inspired me massively and I  want to take this work forward and include it in what I do – empowering women to be their greatest selves and to live the life they truly want and deserve.  Flower Essences have been a big part of my growth and helping me to become empowered and have faith and belief in what I can do and to follow my dreams.  I was once scared and unconfident and allowed myself to be undermined and not treated in ways that was worthy of the person that I am, but time has brought me forward and now I know exactly who I am and what I am worthy of – and it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.  There are no limits now to what I can do, just the ones I sometimes put in my own way, but I see ways around those now. I’ve been taking an empowerment essence recently, that I made 18 months ago when I was going through another transition and needed to put my big girl pants on for and take a risk.  Now I’m taking another risk –  hiring a room at a holistic centre, opening a business account and looking at how I’m going to sort out my taxes etc – this stuff terrifies me by the way as it’s not my strong point.  I’m a creator and a dreamer and really dislike all the practical side of business, but this has to be done to keep everything on track and to ensure it all runs as it should.

And what has helped me most to do this and keep the faith? The fabulous sisters I have around me who are understanding, supportive and most of all have pride and belief in me and what I do.

So why are women allowing such division amongst themselves?  There are those out there, that would be happy to keep this female division, because women as a collective group are so powerful.  Much more powerful than I think most of us realise.  We are life givers, nurturers, headstrong, protective, fierce, emotional, gentle, compassionate, highly intuitive goddesses.  We can rise up and help to make this planet a better place for all of us.

The beauty of a woman coming into her own power is incredible, when she trusts fully in her own thoughts and beliefs and knows that she doesn’t have to put up with the crap she’s been taking any longer.  When she understands that her true beauty lies within her and that she is not too much, she is not too emotional, too outspoken, too loving, too vulnerable, too needy, too demanding, too skinny, too fat, too passionate……..she is the Divine Feminine and she is us – just as we are –  in our messy, wild, imperfective, beautiful selves.  Don’t be afraid to be your true divine self, because the people that love you will keep loving you and support you as you grow, and the ones that don’t weren’t meant to stay.  The old saying that “what is meant for you, won’t pass you by” rings very true.

Women are feared as a collective, by those that want to keep this world in the mess it is in, because the way they control the Divine Feminine is keeping us divided, competitive and with a lack of trust in each other. But this old way of thinking is breaking down because there are so many of us now that are seeing through the lies and the manipulation that has been at work for so long. There are collectives of women out there, learning about themselves and their incredible inner magic and power, because we can create magic when we truly begin to love and understand ourselves and what we are capable of.

Stand strong sisters because our time is now, the time of the Divine Feminine – I know you already feel it, the change is taking place as we speak and the energy of our planet is changing too.  Be prepared for the change within you and all the raw feelings that come with such transformation.  The bitter and the sweet, the light and the dark and our ability to feel it all and break through into our true and fabulous selves, the letting go and shedding of what is no longer true to who we are. See how our planet changes as we come into our own one by one and watch out for the army of grey haired women who are going to quietly take over the earth – we’re going to be part of it.

Much Love & Light to all my Divine sisters and the men who support them, from Esta at Aurorashine.

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