Feel Fabulous at Christmas: Sparkle & Shine Essence & Aromablend Combination


Feeling Fabulous at Christmas: The Sparkle & Shine Essence & Aromablend Combination  

Christmas – a time of lights, frosty days and nights, getting together with family and friends, watching Christmas movies, shopping for gifts, seeing children get excited at the thought of Santa’s arrival, but of course there can be another side to Christmas.  It’s not a great time for everyone; stress, money worries, loneliness, overwhelm, anxiety, grief, dread. These are all feelings and emotions that can come up, whether you are a fan of the festive season or not.  As a busy, working, single Mum who is also running a business, I feel both sides of the coin.  I love the festive season and all the fun and joy that comes with it, but I too can find it very overwhelming.

So, with all of this in mind and using my expertise in crafting flower essences and essential oils to form unique combinations for my clients, I have created; Feeling Fabulous at Christmas – the Sparkle & Shine Combination, to help you move from stressed to blessed.

This is for you if any of the following feelings come up around Christmas time;

  • Overwhelm
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Financial concerns
  • Lethargy
  • Worry
  • Loss of control
  • Pressure of consumerism

I know from personal experience that it doesn’t need to be like this. Using especially crafted/combined essences and essential oils during stressful periods can shift your own energy in magical ways and allow you to make different decisions.  Essences helped support me in my decisions to move, to end a relationship and to leave a job that was making me unhappy. I did all of this in the space of a few months and went from feeling dis-empowered, stressed, overwhelmed and worn out, to feeling far more at peace with myself, my life choices and a feeling of being back in control of my life. I got my zest back.

How it Works

This will include an hour long in depth consultation with me, which will help to ascertain what feelings and emotions are the most difficult for you around Christmas time and what Essences and Essential oils would be best for you. With my guidance, we will select what is needed and I will then make up the combinations and either give them to you, or post them if the consultation has been completed online. The Aromatherapy Blend will be your choice of a mister to spray around yourself, or a roller ball to rub on your pulse points.

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About Me

I support women who are seeking to make changes in their lives, so that they can transform into their biggest and brightest selves. What makes me unique is my supportive and intuitive way of holding a safe, nurturing space, within which my client can explore their inner healing and feel supported in releasing blocks and old ways are being that are no longer required, for their new and empowered life.  As a result, my clients feel fully supported and empowered in making the necessary changes to transform their life and shine fully in their own powerful light.

Testimonial from one of my lovely clients

“When I began having sessions with Esta, I wasn’t in a very good place.  I felt very stressed at work, frustrated because I wanted a new job but wasn’t being successful in the interviews and also feeling a bit stuck within my home life, nothing felt like it was moving forward.  Esta had prepared a relaxing space for our conversation and really listened when I explained how I was feeling and where I wanted to be, we co-created my first flower essence based on what was talked about. I felt so much better and much more positive after my session with Esta and now have a new job and a happier outlook on life. Esta’s support and the support of the flower essences have really helped me to move forwards and I am continuing with my flower essence journey, with Esta’s support”

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15% of the cost of this product will be donated to Birmingham Greyhound Protection. They are a fantastic organisation who are solely funded by the public and are working towards ensuring that every greyhound has a home post racing – there is still much to be done.

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