Flower, Gem & Shamanic Essences


Why people use flower essences?

Essences are wonderfully therapeutic and can be used in many different ways. They can be safely taken internally, use can vary, but is generally several drops placed under the tongue twice a day, or added to a glass of water.  They also can be used topically, added to a diffuser, aromatherapy blend or even in a handy spray,

I am fully qualified and experienced in creating a range of Vibrational essences to suit individual needs.  The range of essences I work with and create can assist with many things from energy release to clarity of the mind. They can help with calming the mind and body, supporting change and transformation, energising the spirit, bringing in more joy.  My knowledge of how essences work together helps to create the perfect combination for you.

My own essences and the other ranges I work with are made to the very highest quality and I use many of them personally, as well as advising and preparing them for others. To find out more or to book a consultation, please get in touch. Prices for popular flower essences are also available upon request.

Hope Flower Essence

Hope Flower Essence UK
Supports inner peace, clarity, tolerance, forgiveness of self and others, letting go of negativity and brings in light energies.

Beltane Flower Essence

Beltane Flower Essence
Welcomes new beginnings and letting go of what no longer serves us. It brings in joy, sunny energies and supports moving forward.

Elderflower Essence

Elderflower Essence UK
Supports renewal, rebirth, clearing of old patterns, feeling revitalised, connection to your inner self and joy.

Shooting Star Flower Essence

Shoot Star Flower Essence UK
Supports in allowing us to break free from old beliefs, realise the potential within and allow our true self to shine.

Rose Quartz Gem Essence

Rose Quartz Gem Essence UK
Supports self love and nurture, connection to the inner child, opening up of the heart, soothing and healing.

Wild Earth Woman Essence

Wild Earth Woman Essence UK
Supports change, transformation, earth connection, empowerment, liberation and brings out the warrior spirit within.