Aromatherapy Blends

Why people use aromatherapy blends?

I am fully qualified and experienced in creating a range of aromatherapy blends to suit different needs.  The range of blends I work with can assist with many things – problem feet, scalp troubles, back ache and sciatica, supporting grief and/or trauma, dry skin and eczema, sinus and migraines, menopausal symptoms, insomnia (in adults and children), calming the mind and body, supporting change, energising the spirit, bringing in more joy, insect repellent and more…..the Blends can be mixed as required and my knowledge of how they work together will help to create the perfect Aromatherapy Blend for you.

There are different carriers for the Blends and these include face cream, body moisturisers, oils, misting sprays, roller balls (these are particularly effective when applied to the pulse points and can be easily carried around on a day to day basis), shower and bath gels, foot soaks, shampoo and conditioner.

The blends are made to the very highest quality and I use many of them personally, as well as advising and preparing them for others. To find out more or to book a consultation, please get in touch. Prices for popular aromablends, aromablend rollerballs, and misting sprays are also available upon request.

Balance & Harmony Misting Spray

Balance and Harmony Misting Spray UK

Bring harmony on all levels, purifiy mind,body and spirit, nurture and nourish.

Aroma Chill Time Bath Soak

Chill Time Bath Soak UK

Calming, relax and comfort. Supports anxiety, depression, addiction, and turmoil.

Uplift & Energise Aromablend Rollerball

Uplift and Energise Aromablend UK

Brings in joy, sunny energies and supports moving forward with courage and life purpose.

Sweet Dreams Misting Spray

Sweet Dreams Misting Spray UK

A blend designed to aid sleep and provide a good night’s rest.

Female Energy Balance Aromablend Rollerball

Female Energy Balance Aromablend Rollerball UK

Designed to help women with hormonal balance; uplifting, peaceful and cleansing, self love and openness.

Ease the Pain Massage Oil

Ease the Pain Massage Oil UK

A blend designed to provide relief from general and unspecified pain.